Saturday, April 10, 2010

Second Time Volunteering: Lauren's Return Visit with the Elephants

Working on the project in Surin was amazing. Working so closely with the elephants, mahouts and their families has given me experiences I will treasure always. It's really special being involved in a new project that is looking to improve the lives of elephants in Thailand, using the knowledge of the locals to help provide sustainable tourism options.

Where else can you go swimming and rafting with elephants in Thailand whilst respecting their right to be free to swim in the water next to you? I have had two trips to Surin, and it has been great to see the progression of the project as well as getting to see my new friends for a second time. (I loved cutting the elephant grass that I'd planted 6 months prior!) I'd recommend this trip to any elephant lovers who are not afraid of a bit of hard work. It's definitely worth it!!!

Lauren Moolenaar
Melbourne, Australia.

Photo Above: Lauren on her second round volunteering, this time she brought her mom and friend along to help!

Photo Above: Our small herd enjoy the snack Lauren and the volunteer team prepared for them.