Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Planting Root's Family Rice Fields and Supporting the Community

For our elephant reintroduction project to succeed we realise we need the support of the local community. This is why our volunteers stay with families in homestays and also take on projects to help around the village.

One huge success story on this front has been Root and his family, who have given a warm welcome to many of our volunteers and generally have just been very supportive. On several occasions Root has stopped by Base Hut and pitched in to help us with repairs and has provided invaluable assistance by sharing with us his knowledge of the local forest and surrounding hills.
To show our appreciation to Root and his family, we've done our best to help out with the family fields. Last month our volunteers went out to help finish planting the rice paddy. It was a muddy affair and very amusing for the villagers to witness, but Im sure we were of some help. This week volunteers went with Root to help weed his other field. Weeding seems to be more of a strength for us, and this went well so we'll likely be out to help again soon.

Thank you Root for all your support!