Sunday, January 2, 2011

Building a Water Tank for the Community

Last week volunteers helped build a water tank for the community. The tank is big enough to supply the whole village with water, and is located at the top of the road leading into the village.

The Karen Hill Tribe Trust recently donated the materials required to build a new bathroom for each household in Huay Pakoot. They also donated the materials needed to build a water tank large enough to supply water to the whole village. GVI volunteers were asked to help with the construction.

First volunteers helped to attach a steel mesh frame to the top of two concrete towers. Next, we carried 45 buckets of sand, 30 buckets of rocks and stones and mixed with equal amounts of water to make a concrete mix. Finally we formed a chain passing buckets of the mix to be poured into the steel frames resting on top of the towers. The volunteers did a great job despite covering ourselves in wet concrete!