Sunday, February 20, 2011

Root’s Rooster: Reign of Terror Comes to an End

This blog entry is goes out to all of our dedicated volunteers who’ve had the pleasure over the past 8 months to stay at Root’s family home. Yes, renowned for great meals, tea, Root’s conversations and random visits from a cat named Gene, the Root family homestay placement has often been the envy of other volunteers. Except for one big drawback: a massive rooster that would sit directly under their floor and crow at all hours of the morning.

Our village has chickens and pigs freely roaming all over the place. For those who’re inexperienced in village life an important misrepresentation of roosters is quickly revealed. They don’t just crow at dawn. In fact many roosters, such as the one living under Root’s floor, will crow any time from about 4AM until noon. Having stayed at Root’s many times I’m able to sleep through it all with no problem. But as many of our volunteers have pointed out it can be somewhat, let’s say unsettling, for newcomers.

So for all you visitors to Root’s wonderful family home I have an announcement to make. Root’s rooster’s reign of terror has come to an end. Just this week Root pointed to his empty perch and I saw with my own eyes, it was empty. When I asked Root where his rooster moved to he replied, with a classic Root grin – no, no, I ate him.