Saturday, March 10, 2012

Village Update: What’s Going on at Jaree’s Homestay

For all of those who have been to Huay Pakoot and were privileged enough to spend the duration of their stay at Jahree’s house- have we got some updates for you! New pets, family reunions and even a wedding, oh boy!

Firstly, as you probably already know, Jahree is known as the animal lover of the village and things have certainly not changed on this front. Unfortunately, this past December, her dog, better known to GVI volunteers as ‘Chewie’, passed away. Kind-heartedly, Jahree responded by adopting two of the village’s recently born pups named Chipmunk and Rambo. Since then, these two have gone from swollen-bellied, bowlegged runts to happy and healthy growing pups!
Jahree has also been known as one of the shyer and quieter homestay hostesses in Huay Pakoot- but recent events seem to have brought out her excited and chatty side. During the week of the calendar New Year, Jahree, Ju Moh and Ju Pah were joined by the rest of the family for the village-wide celebrations, and staff found themselves having to improve their Pakinyoh to keep up with all of the conversation.

The final and most exciting update, on the weekend of February 18th, Jahree got married to a lovely gentleman named Nat. The wedding celebrations consisted of community togetherness, day long feasting and lots of homemade rice whiskey. It was wonderful to see Jahree so happy on her big day and such a treat to be able to see her in such formal wear. It proved to be an enjoyable occasion for all and was a great opportunity for volunteers to bond with villagers outside of their homestays.

In conclusion, for all of you who know and love Huay Pakoot and the Jahree household it’s as wonderful as ever. For those of you who haven’t made it out yet, start booking your flights and packing your bags!