Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mud Bath

A recent hike with our eles confirmed our close relation to our huge pachyderm pals. Nearing the end of a beautiful hike, we watched as the eles played in the sun, enjoying a fresh stream and frolicking in the mud it provided. It was awesome to watch even the more mature Thong Dee relish every second of the mud bath she gave herself. We were sure that we could see the smile on her face as she threw trunk-fulls of the stuff all over herself to keep the sun and the flies at bay. Some would say it was the perfect ele spa.

 Inspired by the fun they seemed to be having a group of us decided that we too could benefit from such 1st class spa treatment, and before we knew it a huge mud fight ensued. Squelching around in knee deep mud, it became a filthy battle as handful after handful of mud was thrown. Lodged firmly into the smelly stuff we could do nothing but duck and scream as more mud missiles struck from all directions. Eventually exhausted and covered from head to foot, resembling swamp monsters we decided to call a truce and head to the village shop for ice-creams, much to the bemused looks of the villagers.