Friday, July 13, 2012

Action for the village dogs

It’s not all about elephants...

GVI Thailand and the vets from Santisook Dogs and Cat Rescue are joining forces to provide vaccinations and sterilization for the stray dogs in Huay Pakoot village.  If you've been here already you'll know the puppies we are talking about.  Last week the vets came in to give the first round of vaccinations and in preparation the volunteers did a full doggy census - there are over 60 dogs in this village!!!  Most are without basic medical care or enough food.  By providing basic vaccinations for rabies, parvo, distemper etc we can help keep the animals and community disease free.  Sterilizations will keep the numbers of dogs from exponentially growing as resources are limited in the community.  

In addition to letting you know what we are up to, this post also comes with an opportunity to help us out from where ever you may be in the world.  The hard work of both the GVI volunteers and the vet team are unstoppable but all this care comes at a cost.  We have just set up a fundraising page here:  and are now appealing to the kind hearts of past volunteers, dog lovers and anybody who feels they can help make our dogs lives a little better.  Every little bit helps!!

Just to give you an idea, about GBP 5 will provide full vaccinations for 1 dog and GBP 20 will cover the cost of neutering or spaying 1 dog.

For now, the dogs of the village are all hanging out and doing their doggy things, causing chaos and stealing volunteers’ hearts on a daily basis. Enjoy the pics and hey, why not sponsor a puppy?  ;)