Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dog Updates- The Sterilizations Begin!

Dang- First sterilized dog in Huay Pakoot

On the 27-28 July 2012, Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue made their 2nd trip to Huay Pakoot.  This was originally planned to be the 2nd round of vaccinations for the dogs that were vaccinated on 6-7 July but Santisook managed to bring out their friends from the Animal Rescue Kingdom (ARK), another dog shelter and rescue group in Chiang Mai.  The ARK's amazing vet, Khun Dip, managed to neuter 12 of the village dogs, taking about 30 minutes per dog to complete!

Khun Dip from the ARK with an attentive audience
Khun Dip could sterilize the male dogs in about 30 minutes each!

Fon and Gill from Santisook, with the help of GVI staff and volunteers continued administering vaccinations to the dogs and even managed to get some of the cats.

Santisook is planning on another visit to Huay Pakoot mid-August to do some more neutering and vaccinations before the big trip around the end of the month focusing on sterilizing the female dogs.

 We still need to raise quite a bit more money to cover the cost of the upcoming trips.  You can donate in $US here: or GBP here:

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