Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garden Progress: First trees planted at Base Hut

A lot of hard work has gone on over the past couple of weeks to create a new medicinal and vegetable garden, and an elephant food garden. Thanks to all our volunteers’ efforts with land clearing, strategic fence building to keep out the cunning buffalo, chicken and pigs, and a lot of back breaking soil preparation, we have now begun the first stages of planting!!

After a few hiccups with pigs breaking through our defences and eating our ele grass shoots, a little re-planting and TLC and we have healthy shoots coming through strong. We’ve collected a good selection of seeds, gathered together supplies and begun planting in our mini nursery to give our little seedlings a helping hand. We’ve also planted the first of our trees; 6 banana trees, 2 tamarind trees and 2 passion fruit plants. Hopefully within the next few years they’ll be fruitful enough to keep our eles (and volunteers alike) happy and healthy. Whether that’s eating the fruits of our labour or stretching out a hammock under the shade of our trees and whiling away an hour or two with a good book, all in all, a great step towards our goal of increased self sufficiency.