Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome to the Team Lynsey!

Hi my name is Lynsey and I’m a volunteer team leader on the Huay Pakoot Thai Elephant Project.

I’m a Geordie; originally from Newcastle, England, but never seem to get back home for long between adventures. With a Media and cultural studies background, I quickly realised I needed to escape all that I’d just learnt and spent the next few years travelling around sampling anything and everything. My first community project saw me in remote Israeli villages working with the British council to build make shift forest classrooms in which to teach English to local children.

From there my travels have taken me extensively round South East Asia, projects I worked on including a stray dog welfare program, a community education program and also helping establish a gibbon rehabilitation sanctuary. Much other travel followed including a stint in New Zealand where I worked on a couple of wildlife conservation projects monitoring and studying rare birds and managing a habitat maintenance group as part of DOCs inland island establishment programs. A few years ago a dramatic change in careers allowed me to become a legitimate nomad and travel from one expedition to the next while leading groups in hiking, climbing, canoeing, rafting and anything else I could get paid to have fun doing.

I started with GVI on July 1st 2011 and am loving the hill tribe life, spending time in the community and working with volunteers to establish a better way of life for our wonderful elephants.