Friday, September 2, 2011

Base Hut Tadpole

About 6 weeks ago Ella, an intern at the project, discovered a tadpole swimming around in our water bin. The water at base is piped to base and to the village directly from mountain streams, which is most likely where the little guy came from. After his long and dangerous journey through kilometres of blue pipe he found a happy home here at the GVI base hut. Volunteers made a nice little home for him in the bottom of an old vinegar bottle, complete with sticks and rocks for him to hide under. We monitored his progress and watched our newest pet grow.
Over the last week and a half our little tadpole became a frog. His back legs grew first and then his front legs showed up almost overnight. A few days later we found his old vinegar bottle empty.... he had hopped away over the night! Although we are mourning his loss, we are happy to have rescued him and hope he found a happy home among the other frogs.