Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monday Meditations

The always-on-the-go Huay Pakoot crew have been learning to chill out and find their inner peace with the help of our resident monk, Prah Siperkorn. On Monday nights Siperkorn leads a meditation session for all those interested in learning about Buddhist meditation or just simply wanting to hang out with our amazingly cool monk.

After an uphill trek to our rustic temple, a short informal English language session with Siperkorn normally takes place over a cup of exceptionally strong local tea. Meditation is different every time and with every session Siperkorn tries to enlighten us and free our minds a little more, ironically with the aid of his i-phone and handy Thai/English translator app package! After a combination of sitting, standing and walking meditation, clearing our minds to the rhythmic buzz of insects, a very relaxed crew head back down the hill for a perfect night’s sleep.