Sunday, November 27, 2011

How To Use an Asian Squat Toilet

One big change for most volunteers when they arrive on project are the bathrooms, and in particular the toilets.

As many places around Asia, the toilets here are what we call squat toilets. Basically, instead of sitting on the toilet and flushing afterwards by pulling a little handle, we SQUAT! Most toilets have places to put your feet, then you squat all the way down, do your business, put the toilet paper in a bin and not down the toilet, and flush with a scoop of water.

While strange and different for most volunteers there are many advantages over the flush toilet. First of all, it is more sanitary, there is no sitting on a dirty toilet seat where hundreds of other butts have sat. Also, it is a great leg work out, you can tone those flabby thighs while going number 2. Our squat toilet on base is also a beautiful colour blue. Using squat toilets is another great way that volunteers experience the culture of Thailand and village life in Huay Pakoot.