Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reverse Halloween

Happy Halloween from Huay Pakoot!Volunteers and staff celebrated in style with reverse trick or treating and a Halloween night party. Alix and Arijana dressed as pirates, Lindsay donned a sombrero, Dylan was a Genie and Sateesh was Aladdin, Lynsey scared villagers as a zombie, Amy was an elephant, Allie got creative and made herself into a road with little plastic cars and all, Allison was a cat, and Fritz made a full-body outfit out of leaves. After getting all dressed up we walked around the village and “reverse trick or treated”.

Reverse trick or treating means, that instead of walking door to door and asking for candy, we walked around the village handing out candy to villagers. They don’t celebrate Halloween here and we likely confused a lot of people, but we also got a lot of smiles and laughs! After reverse trick or treating volunteers went to our beginners English class and taught Halloween related vocabulary – words like pumpkin, candy, and bat.

At night we continued the Halloween festivities and invited the mahouts to come celebrate with us. We drank some local rice whisky and Halloween coloured soda, Sateesh and Fritz made an awful eggy and flat cake (needless to say they are banned from cake making for life). We finished the night off by watching the film ‘The Descent 2’. Overall, it was a great and festive Halloween.