Monday, October 31, 2011

Sports Day 2011

For three exciting days the top of the village resounded with the sound of GOAL!!Huay Pakoot recently hosted sports day 2011 which consisted of three different sporting events and participants from nine villages. The sports included Football (soccer), Volleyball, and the Thai sport of Takra. The teams came from villages all over the area and even as far away as Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai.

In total around 100 people arrived in the village either to play or cheer on their team. The GVI team participated in two of the three sports both Football and Volleyball. The football team was a mix of both villagers and volunteers. Over two days the team played four games and came out with 2 wins one loss and a tie. Dylan Jones impressed all the villagers with his skills and scored an amazing goal in the second game. The volleyball team played hard with a team of both volunteers and villagers. They even played competitive games against two other Huay Pakoot teams. The games were full of dives for the ball dramatic saves and aces.

When the teams were not playing everyone enjoyed watching the other teams compete and cheering on the village. In addition they were able to see some amazing Takra playing and were able to interact with people from villages all over the area.