Thursday, October 20, 2011

Education and Fun at the Village Nursery

Following the success of our English teaching at the village school and how much the volunteers and the children alike have so much fun during our visits, we’ve decided to try the same with the nursery children and see if rather than just going to play with the little ones, we can start their interest in English from an earlier age.One of our interns, Alix, has taken up the challenge, and along with the help of other long-staying volunteers is currently looking at fun, new ways to interact with the children with the hope of teaching them basic vocabulary and getting them excited about learning English.

Each visit is as much a fun fuelled learning experience for Alix and her team as it is the children; making flashcards, drawing pictures, even creating new hairstyles or dancing around to Thai music videos. Every opportunity to act like a 3 yr old and teach a new language is taken, whether that’s by the GVI crew or the children, it’s difficult to tell who has more fun!