Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elephant Poo Paper Making Begins

Trying to come up with new forms of funding for the elephants or new potential businesses for villagers is always a topic of conversation for the Thai elephant crew. With limited resources we try to use whatever we have at hand for free. Wracking our brains to come up with something we have an unlimited supply of other than wonderfully resourceful bamboo, we realised what better than elephant poo!! That’s right, poo; we have a steady supply right under our noses, literally.
Wonderfully fresh, 100% natural and what could have greater elephant input! Elephants start the process by trunk selecting the perfect vegetation and kindly digesting it for us. It’s then taken and put through numerous sifting and sterilisation stages to obtain perfectly clean plant fibres which can then be used to make things, the first experiment on our list being handmade paper.
Heaps of fun has been had with the initial stages, hand selecting the juiciest poo then lots of trials to boil it up and see what our poo contains. Next Step pulping and pressing the fibres to produce our first sheet of paper, then who knows where our ele poo empire will take us.