Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elephant Mahout Hide and Seek

Boon Chew is Bpee Mai’s mahout, but their relationship seems much deeper than that of care-taker and elephant. Best friends Boon Chew and Bpee Mai play like two school mate chums in the school yard. Most hikes are spent watching Boon Chew wrestling with Bpee Mai followed by one of them chasing the other down the hill.

Though Boon Chew is a young Karen kid it often seems like Bpee Mai sees him as another elephant trying to play with him in the same way as he does Song Kran. Today Boon Chew found a blade of grass to whistle with while watching the elephants. Being a curious little baby elephant, Bpee Mai came up to investigate the source of this strange sound. Seeing this, Boon Chew hid behind a tree. This started a little game of hide and seek around the tree as Bpee Mai tried to tag Boon Chew still making the whistling sound. For about ten minutes the two went back and forth around the tree. This ended when Bpee Mai finally tagged Boon Chew and decided to go back with his real elephant family.

captured on video, below...