Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Song Kran Getting Playful

Our beloved Song Kran, the youngest in our herd, is growing up so quickly. When the project first began in July 2010 Song Kran was only a few months old. He was shy and timid and stayed away from volunteers and close to his mother, Boon Jan. Since then GVI has seen Song Kran grow and develop.
He is now a confident little elephant, who will often wonder away from his mother. When he first started spending more time away from his mother we observed that Boon Jan would get nervous when Song Kran was too far away from her. Her ears would stick out and she would look anxious. But now Boon Jan doesn’t look back when Song Kran ventures away to explore his new-found confidence. He and Bpee Mai are more playful than ever and Fritz and Arijana, our two interns in charge of observing the infant’s social behaviour, are kept busy on hikes recording their playing and socializing. It has been amazing to watch Song Kran grow and develop and GVI is privileged to have a front row seat to infant elephant social development.