Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paroot Updates

Paroot (which means “Father Root”) or simply Root’s house is a hive of activity on most days. Root and See Ahn have 4 children all under the age of 9, plus with See Ahn’s parents sleeping in the kitchen next to the fire, it makes for a full house. Root is known for his love of cooking and overfeeding the GVI team members with pork (his favourite thing to make).

Life at Paroot’s house has been quieter than normal lately. With the departure of Root’s mom to her home village and Root’s weekday work in Na Klang, the house has lost its two loudest and most outgoing members. But, the kids continue to be entertaining especially with their newly acquired English words like; elephant, buffalo, cat, dog, and pig. Baby Too is growing and changing every day. He likes to show off his new squatting and standing skills whenever possible.The extended family and all of the GVI team members participated in a New Year’s feast at the house on December 30th. Root prepared an entire pig for us to devour, evidence of his obsession with overfeeding us. It was DELICIOUS!