Sunday, January 1, 2012

Song Kran - Infant Elephant Getting Playful

In recent weeks our youngest bull elephant, Song Kran, has become more mischievous and curious than his older cousin Bpee Mai. This shift in devilishness caught most of us by surprise and now the mahouts keep a much keener eye on Song Kran than before, especially when bananas are involved. But, he is still very much a baby and will never venture too far from his mom Boon Jan.
On a recent hike, Bpee Mai pushed Song Kran over playfully and Thong Dee (the giant matriarch) took the opportunity to wrestle him down herself. She lifted one of her huge legs and straddled the baby not allowing him to stand-up. Once he struggled free, only a few seconds later, his head was covered with a mysterious wetness that must have come from Thong Dee’s underbelly. All of the volunteers had a great laugh, and Song Kran went back to playing with Bpee Mai.