Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Homestay: Or Roh Chors and Pannuh’s

We have really enjoyed our 2 weeks staying at Or Roh Chors and Pannuh’s home. They are such a friendly family and are very welcoming. We’re not too sure who their children are because there are quite a few who hang around at their home, but we got the impression that they have at least 3! There is a really nice atmosphere coming from the home and they often have lots of people sat around outside. They are really chatty as well and love to be able to tell you the Pakinyou for words and learn English. Some evenings after we had eaten, we were joined by them and their friends learning new words from them. They are all really eager to pick up some English and love laughing at themselves trying to pronounce English words. We found that they gave us a lot of space and felt as though we had the whole house to ourselves. The room is really comfortable and you can spread out onto the landing as well if you don’t feel like you have enough room. We were blown away by their hospitality culture and are really sad to be leaving.