Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project Wish List

Volunteers who join the GVI Thai Elephant Project contribute to our project in numerous ways, including monitoring the health and well-being of our elephants, teaching English, and creating alternative sources of revenue for the community.

Some volunteers that come also want to bring donations of supplies to the project and recent volunteers have put together a list of items that anyone joining the project could bring if they want, although all the hard work volunteers put in is more than enough so please do not feel pressured to bring anything!

If you are looking to help out through donations here is our current wish list:

teaching materials (charts, books), sharpies and pens, old laptops (which would be especially helpful for our interns working on their individual projects), vegetable seeds for our fabulous garden, hand trowels (because all the local ones break after a week), a projector, old hard drives for storing photos, books on elephants, animal behaviour and veterinary medicine, field guides for the area, cranium and other board games for downtime on base, educational toys for the nursery, a star gazing guidebook, and – last but not least - vegemite for those Australians or Marmite for Brits.