Thursday, June 13, 2013

                                              New Baby Elephants!!!
Over the last couple weeks we have been trialing a new hiking schedule which entails Three different hikes to different elephant groups.
 We had the pleasure of hiking with the babies this week and it was amazing! Babies Mario, Pbee Mai and new addition Lu Lu are in a group together and we get to follow and observe them as they learn and forage in the forest.
Our newest arrival Lu Lu has come from the camps and has been there all her life so its extremely exciting and special to witness her reintroduction to the wild, and watch her basically learn to be a baby elephant again.
As we walk along with then we come to a large dam full of water near the village, and they take a swim. Its the cutiest thing i have ever seen! They are spraying water everywhere, and diving under the water using their trunks like snorkels. I could have watched them for hours.
Its humbling  to watch the tiny giants at play knowing that they once had to work all day every day in the camps. And

that now they can just be baby elephants.