Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Song Kran!

Song Kran, the youngest and cutest elephant of our little herd, our pride and joy, had his very first birthday today!Volunteers and GVI staff have watched him blossom from his shy beginnings to a cheeky, adventurous toddler. He is still learning how to use his trunk to eat, and enjoys rough housing with his best pal Bpee Mai. Recently, Song Kran has been wandering farther away from his mother and spending more time socializing with the rest of the herd. Song Kran is a very lucky elephant and has spent the entire first year of his life happy in the forest where he was born. All his days have been filled learning natural foraging behaviour from the adults in the herd while living in lush forest habitat.

Our GVI volunteers should be proud to know that without their support this could not be possible.

Happy Birthday Song Kran, we all wish you a long and banana-filled life in the forest!