Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bpee Mai and Mana Participate in Welcoming Ceremony

Last week two elephants returned back to the village from working in tourist camps. They are owned by Mana and Bpee Mai’s owner, and one of them is Mana’s daughter! Today a welcoming home ceremony was held in their honour and our very own Mana and Bpee Mai got to participate in the ceremony as well. Volunteers were very lucky to see this since it only happens once a year for each elephant when they return home to the village. For more details about the actual ceremony see the April 4th blog entry about the welcoming ceremony for the chief’s elephants. It was an unusually rainy day in April but the weather cleared just long enough to enjoy the ceremony.
These elephants, like many others in the village, will likely return to work in a tourist camp. Their owners would prefer to keep them in the forest but more funding is needed for this to happen. Please look for our elephant sponsor program, soon to be launched, or click on the links to the right to support our forest reintroduction efforts.