Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hard Working Volunteers Get Down and Dirty!

Hello from our new Base Hut! We have been at our new base hut for a few days now and volunteers have been working hard and getting dirty. We had a big work day this morning and everyone pitched in. In the span of only a few hours we built a fire pit, dug trenches, and made stairs up the hill to the main road.

The fire pit is an exciting addition and we hope to have weekly bon fires! We also made six benches so there is plenty of seating for everyone. Now begins the search for hot dogs and marshmallows to roast for bonfire nights (so any volunteers joining the project soon could bring marshmallows and supplies for s’mores and make us all VERY happy)!

We dug trenches around base hut to stop the raging river which runs under base hut during a hard rain. Trenches were dug up hill from the hut and right in front of it and so far they are holding up nicely.

And lastly the path up to the main road from base hut is very steep and muddy, so volunteers have been digging and working hard to make stairs that will lead from base hut to the road. The stairs are about 2/3rds finished and so far look great.

And all this work happened in the space of one morning! Good work volunteers, and keep up the amazing effort!