Friday, May 27, 2011

Volunteers Plant Elephant Food at GVI Base

After two weeks of clearing land and building a barbed wire fence, today volunteers got to plant elephant food! We went grass cutting with the mahouts and brought back grass to plant. We also planted watermelons because the elephants love them.
The planting began by digging holes, and then the grass was cut up and placed in each hole. Volunteers carried buckets of water from the bathroom to water our newly planted grass and watermelon seeds. The mahouts were a great help showing us how to properly dig holes and plant. We ended up planting in the middle of the day, so our watering the plants quickly turned into an all out water fight, which helped to cool us down! Overall, it was a great day and in the future we will be able to have elephant food right near base instead of having to drive to the next village to cut grass.