Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Base Hut gets Electricity and a Water Filter

Today was a very exciting day - the electricity was turned on at base hut so we now officially have light and power. Having electricity means that we can now eat breakfast at base hut and enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains over a cup of coffee. Also we can hold evening activities at base and not have to worry about messing around with candles.

Additionally, the Raintree Foundation brought us a biosand filter so we can filter water out of the pipes to get clean, delicious drinking water. A biosand filter uses big rocks, little rocks, and sand to filter dirt and microorganisms out of the water. Filtration is done by friendly natural bacteria that forms in the biosand. The filter was flushed through with 250 ml of chlorine to sterilize the tubes and rocks and we will flush water through it for the next 21 days, twice a day, and after that we can begin drinking fresh, clean water at base hut.