Monday, May 30, 2011

Sophie Moving On

It’s been just about 1 full year since Sophie first joined our Thai Elephants Project as a volunteer teacher in June 2010. Sophie came to set up our English teaching program after her TEFL training with GVI in Krabi, southern Thailand. Sophie quickly took to her role teaching in the community and with mahouts, and soon also moved on to lead teams of volunteers on the project.

|Photo: Clare, Amy and Sophie from left to right sporting their traditional Karen clothes|

Last weekend our staff, volunteers, and community members threw a going away party to send Sophie on her way. It was a major event in our small village and the high turn-out from community members speaks volumes to Sophie’s positive impact on the project and strong bonds she’s formed with the locals.
Paroot started a BBQ late afternoon, and cooked for hours getting prepared. All of our mahouts, elephant owners, homestays, and a few random friends from the community made it to the GVI Base to say goodbye. Even our old friend Singto was able to attend! Amy and a group of volunteers performed a wonderful and very entertaining song and dance. Good times were had by all.
Sophie’s legacy will be an English teaching program that we hope our long term volunteers can keep going. Thank you Sophie for all your help on the project this past year and best of luck in the future.