Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Song Kran Water Fight Fun!

Today was Song Kran Festival, the Thai New Year, and volunteers celebrated in style with a giant water fight with the village children. At this time of year, all over Thailand, Thais and visitor alike celebrate by splashing water and hosting parties that last for days.
The day was off to a fantastic start when we threw water balloons at the mahouts before our morning hike!
Despite the chilly weather volunteers went all out in the afternoon and armed themselves with water pistols, scented water, face chalk, and prepared for battle. We decided to hike around the village with our artillery and help villagers celebrate! By the time we reached Pa Root’s house about 20 hyper kids possessed by Song Kran craziness had joined us and we commenced an epic water fight. Echoing throughout the village were the screams of joy and celebration!

The battle lasted all afternoon and ended in everyone being drenched and happy. The kids enjoyed the face chalk and it was truly an epic day.