Monday, June 13, 2011

Elephant in Profile: Boon Jan

Boon Jan is one of our 5 elephants and each week volunteers have been writing entries in a diary about their observations of her in the forest. Her name means full moon and she really is an amazing elephant. Below are a few entries about Boon Jan, happy reading!

June 3rd – It has been such a privilege to be around you and Song Kran. You are a loving mother and reliable friend to the rest of the herd. It’s clear to me that you and the rest of the herd enjoy each other’s company and have fun together. I love that you no longer seem to feel anxious and you are now just the confident, graceful, and loving you. That has also rubbed off on Song Kran, since you let him explore the world on his own and just observe him from a good distance. You are teaching him your skills and you make him a confident, brave and amazing baby bull. – Sabina (Sweden)

March 24th – Boon Jan... how I adore her. A doting mother, a gorgeous lady, a compassionate friend to the herd. It’s so funny for me to read through this journal and see that she was once nervous/anxious. Obviously the work of volunteers before me has made Boon Jan more confident and trusting. I loved feeding her and touching her and looking into her eyes. There is SO much in those eyes. – Lindsey (USA)

March 5th – We have spend the whole week together now and you are amazing, the way you move and take care of Song Kran is so cute. You are beautiful and compassionate towards Song Kran. Except you do have some nasty farts, and they all went in my face, but your cuteness made up for how terrible that smelled! - Grace (USA)