Thursday, June 16, 2011

Elephant in Profile: Thong Dee

Thong Dee is the oldest of our herd and is the adopted grandmother of the two infants, Song Kran and Bpee Mai. She is also the biggest elephant and has an affinity for pushing over large trees! Here are a few journal entries that volunteers have wrote about our old lady...
June 9th – Watching Thong Dee all week has been captivating. She is very wise. Although she does normally walk by herself, Bpee Mai likes to tag along as well. You can tell that she is the old lady though and she gets tired of the little ones. – Jenna (USA)

May 13th – Thong Dee is a magnificent, beautiful elephant who is very elusive. Thong Dee, despite her size, is graceful and it is clear to see the relationship she has with her mahout Patti Sai-ee and the other elephant. The highlight of the week was my first encounter with Thong Dee on Monday, where we were first introduced and I fed her bananas. It was absolutely magical to be so close to her and be able to look into her beautiful big brown eyes – I will cherish the memory! – Michelle (UK)

March 5th – Thong Dee you are such a joy. Wise in your ways, patient with the babies, and little seems to phase you. Then we approached the water hole and your delight in swimming was obvious. Thank you for those delightful moments, they are now cherished memories. – Pamela (USA)