Monday, June 20, 2011

Teaching English at Village Primary School

The GVI Thai Elephant Project not only aims to aide in elephant conservation, but also to benefit the local community of Huay Pakoot. One way we can accomplish this goal is through education, and in particular English teaching. With the new school year started here in Thailand, we reinstated our English teaching program at the primary school. Today was the first official day of English teaching and things went very well. Volunteers organized and delivered a basic English lesson which covered the alphabet, greetings, and how to ask/tell someone your name. We plan to offer English lessons to students years 4 and 5 on Monday afternoons and year 6 on Wednesday afternoons. Learning English can be incredibly beneficial for students and help them gain employment later in life or pursue higher levels of education. It is also a great way for volunteers to get involved in the community and make a positive difference in the lives of the village youth. GVI owes a big thank you to former staff member Sophie, for creating lesson plans, an English teaching manual, and lesson schedule; all of which makes it easy for volunteers to learn a lesson and then teach it at the primary school. We also hope to begin our adult English classes in the near future! English teaching is just one of the ways GVI is trying to make a difference in our community of Huay Pakoot.