Thursday, June 2, 2011

Saw Plah Two: a little guy with attitude

Saw Plah Two, who has been the mahout for Mana and Bpee Mai for the last several months, is leaving the project and moving on from Huay Pakoot. Sae Play Two is off to see the world and work in tourism. We are all sad to see him go. He is a fantastic mahout and he will be missed by GVI staff and volunteers.

Saw Plah Two, also known as ‘little guy’, is a very spunky teenager and loved to interact with volunteers on hikes His favourite game was to stick leaves and branches in volunteer’s backpacks while they were not looking. He also was interested in learning English and enjoyed practicing with volunteers. His playful attitude was a great match for Bpee Mai, our rambunctious male infant elephant. Boon Chew, a local villager who finished school last year, will replace Saw Plah Two as Mana’s mahout. Boon Chew has spent the last two months training with the mahouts and Mana and we know he will be a great mahout. It is a great opportunity for GVI to provide an alternative livelihood for a local villager, who can be a mahout in his home village instead of having to work far from his family and friends. We are also happy and privileged to witness the handing down of traditional mahout knowledge from the older generation and our head mahout Pati Sai-ee to this new starter.We are all very sad to see Saw Plah Two go and we wish him the best in the future!